The museums are arranged in alphabetical order of their location.

National Museum Copenhagen

The museum is Denmark’s largest museum of cultural history and Experiences 14,000 years of Danish art and prehistory, from the reindeer-hunters of the Ice Age to the voyages of the Vikings. The exhibition includes unique archaeological treasures like the Trundholm Chariot of the Sun, the Egtved girl’s grave, the Gundestrup cauldron, the Hoby tomb. The … Read more » “National Museum Copenhagen”

Maritime Museum

The museum tells the story of Denmark as one of the world’s leading shipping nations. The museum’s maritime collections are presented in evocative and dramatic exhibitions, with films projected directly onto the architecture of the building. The architecture and exhibitions aim for new horizons, making the museum relevant, inclusive and accessible to everyone. The architecture … Read more » “Maritime Museum”

Vendsyssel Museum of Art

Vendsyssel Museum of Art is one of the few art museums where you can witness a close connections between the work of the artists and the characterful landscape outside the museum. Landscape art inspired by the the open sky, the wide view with fields, low wind-swept windbreakers and somewhere in the horizon the always present … Read more » “Vendsyssel Museum of Art”

Louisiana Museum

The Louisiana Collection consists of more than 3,500 works It covers the period from 1945 to the present and includes almost every genre – with an emphasis on painting and sculpture. The collection instead focuses on concentrated groups of works and artists of which visitors can gain a deeper understanding. Among the most important artists … Read more » “Louisiana Museum”

Museum of Religious Art

Since 1994 it has been the aim of the Museum of Religious Art to show art in perspective of the relation between religion and society. The museum is an independent NGO run by support from local authorities and private sponsors. The museum succeeded in showing remarkable exhibitions. The focus is on twentieth century religious art.

Ribe Museum of Art

Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark and among the small Danish provincial art museums the Ribe Collection is considered a leader. The museum houses an exquisite, fine and wide representation of Danish art from the eighteenth century and the following two hundred years. The museum contains approximately 600 paintings and sculptures apart from 700 … Read more » “Ribe Museum of Art”

Skagens museum

From the beginning of the 1870s, and up to the turn of the century, Skagen was an international venue for young artists. They all had in common that they, inspired by naturalism and open-air painting, sought new places and motifs, and during the course of the 1880s Skagen was transformed into an artists’ colony with … Read more » “Skagens museum”