The museums are arranged in alphabetical order of their location.

Museum of Modern Art

The permanent exhibit traces the course of art in Denmark from Naturalism to Abstract Art and more recent experimental art forms. The Danish artist J.F. Willumsen occupies a central place in the collection, which also boasts a fine selection of works by artists from the first half of the 20th century – among them Vilhelm … Read more » “Museum of Modern Art”

Ordrupgaard Art Museum

The Museum’s founder Wilhelm Hansen wanted to spread awareness of French 19th century art in Denmark, and his first purchases were paintings by Pisarro, Monet and Renoir. Hs main focus was on French Impressionism, but with downstrokes into the periods that came immediately before and after the Impressionism. He bought works of Delacroix’s Romanticism, Rousseau’s … Read more » “Ordrupgaard Art Museum”

Sophienholm Exhibition Hall

Sophienholm is the exhibition hall of The Municipality of Lyngby-Taarbæk. Situated in a beautiful park overlooking the Bagsværd Lake and annually showing 4-5 major art exhibitions it attracts people from especially the greater Copenhagen area. All the year round, smaller exhibitions are shown in the Cobra Room – the annex of Sophienholm, and during the … Read more » “Sophienholm Exhibition Hall”

Carlsberg Glypotek

The museum houses the largest collection of ancient art in Northern Europe, primarily sculpture, from Egypt, the Near East, Greece and Italy. But during the more than one hundred years of its existence, the museum has also expanded the collection of French and Danish art from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Impressionists, Paul Gauguin … Read more » “Carlsberg Glypotek”

National Gallery of Denmark

The collections at the National Gallery of Denmark comprise three main collections: The Royal Collection of Painting and Sculpture, The Royal Collection of Graphic Art, and The Royal Collection of Plaster Casts. As the names suggest, these collections have their roots in the art collections of Danish monarchs; they are believed to date back to … Read more » “National Gallery of Denmark”

Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace, located on the small island Slotsholmen in the Copenhagen harbour, has more than 800 years of history as the power base of the kingdom and still today the palace houses several institutions of significant importance. Most of the premises at the palace are at the disposal of the Folketing, the Danish Parliament, but … Read more » “Christiansborg Palace”

The Hirschsprung Collection

The Hirschsprung Collection is beautifully situated in the green parklands of the Østre Anlæg on the old ramparts of Copenhagen. The museum houses Heinrich and Pauline Hirschsprung’s collection of Danish art and first opened its doors to the public in the summer of 1911. The museum was designed by the architect H.B. Storck, while the … Read more » “The Hirschsprung Collection”