The museums are arranged in alphabetical order of their location.

Grenoble Museum

The collection  of the museum (Musée de Grenoble) is arranged into two distinct large sections. The first is devoted to the great painting schools of the 13th to 19th centuries and to 17th century Europe in particular, with artists such as Rubens, Georges de La Tour, Philippe de Champaigne, La Hyre and Zurbarán.The 19th century … Read more » “Grenoble Museum”

Archaeological Museum Grenoble

The archaeological site (Musée archéologique de Grenoble) offers  a journey of nearly two thousand years of history. The museum contains archaeological remains of the Church St. Laurent and the Gallo-Roman necropolis, the Merovingian sixth century crypt of Saint Oyand, medieval architecture and precious relics of the Middle Ages.  

 Dauphinois museum

The museum (musée Dauphinois) looks at all the aspects of life and history in the old Dauphiné province and in the French Alps. Archeology, pre-history and history, ethnology, industrial heritage, and (regional) decorative arts are among the fields the museum deals with.    

Stendhal Museum

The  museum (musée Stendhal) shows the Gagnon’s apartment, a museographic space and a place of memory, Stendhal’s natal apartment, the living place dedicated to contemporary literature and the Stendhal fund, numerous editions, studies, thesis and bibliographies on the writer Marie-Henri Beyle (1783-1842) better known by his pseudonym Stendhal.    

Four Castles in La Drome

Four castles in the La Drôme region deserve special attention. The Grignan castle (château of Grignan) is a witness of the French Renaissance architecture and classicism. A fortified castle mentioned as early as the 11th century, was transformed during the Renaissance into a prestigious “pleasure residence” by the Adhémar family. In the 17th century, the … Read more » “Four Castles in La Drome”

History Museum

The museum (musée historique) presents an overview of the history of the city, covering the Bronze- and Iron Ages, the Celts, Romans, medieval up to the twenty first century.  

Alsace Museum

The museum (musée alsacien) presents the culture of the Alsace.