The museums are arranged in alphabetical order of their location.

Museum of Romantic Life

The museum (musée de la vie romantique) is the house where the painter Ary Scheffer (1795-1858) received Parisian socialites during the Juillet Monarchy: Delacroix, Rossini, Sand, Chopin, Gounod, Tourgueniev, Dickens. The museum offers an overview of the paintings of Scheffer and his contemporaries, as well as the memorabilia of George Sand (furniture, painting, objets d’art … Read more » “Museum of Romantic Life”

Museum Jacquemart-Andre

The museum ( Musée Jacquemart-André) gathers a magnificent collection of Italian, Flemish, Dutch, French paintings, sculptures, tapestries, objets d’art and rare furnishings, housed in a mansion from the nineteenth century, built by  Henri Parent, a specialist in traditional architecture, in the years 1868 to 1875.  

Pirou Castle

The castle (Château Fort de Pirou) is one of the best preserved Norman military architecture. Pirou was built in the 12th century, including the five fortified gateways, the bakery, refectory, cider press house, court of justice (Salle des Plaids) with the famous Pirou tapestry on display today.  

Pont du Gard Museum

The museum displays the history of the Roman world and its constructions such as the Pont du Gard. Images, sounds and artefacts reconstruct these exceptional Roman accomplishments and this monument in particular.    

Saint-Remi Museum

The Museum is housed in the buildings of the former abbey of St. Remi, the baptizer of Clovis and once the guardian of the holy ampula of the kings of France. The collections cover the history of Reims, regional archeology and aspects of military history. The Prehistory, Gallic times, Gallo-Roman section, early Christian period, Merovingian … Read more » “Saint-Remi Museum”

Heritage House Remiremont

The museum (Maison du Patrimoine) presents cultural and historical objects concerning Dommartin.

Museum Charles de Bruyeres

The Museum (Musée Charles de Bruyères Charles Friry) exhibits paintings, sculptures, works of art, history, and regional folk art.