The museums are arranged in alphabetical order of their location.

Varde Museum

The museum consists of ten museums with different themes. The artwork in Nymindegab Museum, for example, tells the story of the artists who went to the exotic West Jutland – but also the story of the people who lived and lived in Nymindegab then that just went a sandy lane to do so. Another museum … Read more » “Varde Museum”

Reattu Museum

Jacques Réattu (1760-1833) was born in Arles and produced monumental paintings in Italy and in particular Marseille, Nîmes and Lyon.  The museum (musée Jacques Réattu) is dedicated to this artist and artists who stayed in Arles, such as Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, who offered the museum fifty-seven drawings. The museum also shows contemporary … Read more » “Reattu Museum”

Montmajour Abbey

The abbey (Abbaye de Montmajour) was founded in 949 by Benedictine Monks. The monument features heritage from a number of different eras, including a necropolis dug directly into the rock complete with a cave chapel from the 11th century, the 12th century Sainte-Croix chapel, a 12th century church with a six-beam nave and highly ornamental … Read more » “Montmajour Abbey”

Museum of Art and History Bayeux

Housed in the Bishop’s palace (11th – 18th Century), the museum of art and history (Musée d’Art et d’histoire Baron Gérard) MAHB offers a journey through the history of European art, from archaelogy to Modern Art, paintings, lacework, porcelain, prints, drawings, photographs,  archaeological and ethnographic objects.  

Museum of the war of 1870

The museum (Musée de la Guerre de 1870 et de l’Annexion) is dedicated to the 1870 Franco-Prussian War and the annexation of Alsace-Lorraine (1871-1918). There is both a French and German military collection, objects from daily life, paintings of historical scenes, carvings, press cuttings, eye witness statements and audio visual documentation displaying the story behind … Read more » “Museum of the war of 1870”

Religious Art Museum

The museum (musée d’art sacrée du Gard) creates a dialogue between old religious objects that are not usually seen together. While they can be admired for their aesthetic qualities, they are all illustratiions of different cultures and beliefs. Romanesque art, terracotta Chinese symbols, Egyptian sacrophagus and an ancient Birmese Bhudda are put intp this perspective … Read more » “Religious Art Museum”

Museum of Ceramics

The museum (Le Musée de la Faïence) boasts an extensive collection of ceramics that testifies to the diversity of styles of faience, stoneware or porcelain, the entire range of ceramics. The most precious piece in the museum is the Winter Garden, created in 1880. The museum also possesses an archaeological collection that showcases life in … Read more » “Museum of Ceramics”