The Hanseatic League and Zwolle

The of Zwolle was granted city rights by Bishop Willebrand van Oldenburg of Utrecht in 1230. The town grew to a city of significance,  largely because of its location on trading routes and waterways Zwolle joined the Hanseatic League in 1407 and soon experienced a Golden Age and a rich eccliasiastical and cultural future. Further … Read more » “The Hanseatic League and Zwolle”

The Odeuropa Project

The Odeuropa project focuses on the key scents, fragrant spaces, and olfactory practices that have shaped the cultures of Europe. The project bundles academic expertise from across many disciplines with further expertise from cultural heritage institutes, heritage organisations, policy makers, and the creative and fragrance industries. The historical scent data will be curated and published … Read more » “The Odeuropa Project”

Emperors on the Rhine

For more than five centuries, emperors have determined the fate of half of Europe. They were glorious emperors, God’s chosen rulers, ruthless commanders or capable politicians. But they succeeded only in the complex interaction with the pillars of their power, with secular and ecclesiastical princes, bishops, Jewish communities and citizens of cities. It was only … Read more » “Emperors on the Rhine”

St. Nicholas Chapel

The St. Nicholas Chapel is the oldest building that is still standing on the Valkhof hill in Nijmegen (Nimwegen). The construction of the chapel started around 1030, although its octagonal design resembles the Carolingian Chapels in Aix-la-Chapelle, built late eight century. The chapel is closely linked to Theophano (960-991), the wife of the German emperor … Read more » “St. Nicholas Chapel”

Happy Birthday Mickey

Mickey the Mouse (1928). Foto: Wikipedia

Mickey Mouse celebrates his nineteenth birthday. To mark this event an exhibition explores his influence on art and pop culture. The interactive exhibition in New York, where Mickey saw the daylight, although he was born in Los Angeles in 1928, is inspired by Mickey’s status and his consistent impact on the arts and creativity in … Read more » “Happy Birthday Mickey”