Ribe Museum of Art

Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark and among the small Danish provincial art museums the Ribe Collection is considered a leader. The museum houses an exquisite, fine and wide representation of Danish art from the eighteenth century and the following two hundred years. The museum contains approximately 600 paintings and sculptures apart from 700 artworks on paper, from classicism and Golden Age paintings to the expressions of symbolism and early modernism, with masterpieces from Abildgaard, Juel, Købke, Rørbye, Dalsgaard, Ancher, Krøyer, Ring, Hammershøi, Willumsen, and Weie. Each one of them contributes to the overall picture of Danish art history in a period of great change and turbulence. An epoch where the interplay of old and new seems to challenge all levels of society and where the artist – free from royal or religious obligations – had to find an identity within a new civil world order.

Museum: Ribe Museum of Art
City: Ribe
Country: Denmark
Address: Nicilaj Gade 10
Website: http://www.ribekunstmuseum.dk