Vendsyssel Museum of Art

Vendsyssel Museum of Art is one of the few art museums where you can witness a close connections between the work of the artists and the characterful landscape outside the museum. Landscape art inspired by the the open sky, the wide view with fields, low wind-swept windbreakers and somewhere in the horizon the always present North Sea. Particularly the painters Svend Engelund (1908 – 2007) and Johannes Hofmeister (1914-90) are influenced by the force of Vendsyssel (the part of North Jutland north of the fiord Limfjorden) and the North Sea in their paintings. Engelund by the flat and stringent landscape that he has time and time again portrayed and supplied with a certain colour poetry. And Hofmeister by the quite near, the few but characterful hills just outside the home and the frugal dunes in the coastal landscape. The museum’s collections also include sculpture, graphics and handicraft. Erland Knudssøn Madsen (born 1942) and Kurt Tegtmeier (born 1950) are strongly represented among Vendsyssel Museum of Art’s sculptors.

Museum: Vendsyssel Museum of Art
City: Hjørring
Country: Denmark
Address: P. Nørkjærs Plads 15