Skagens museum

From the beginning of the 1870s, and up to the turn of the century, Skagen was an international venue for young artists. They all had in common that they, inspired by naturalism and open-air painting, sought new places and motifs, and during the course of the 1880s Skagen was transformed into an artists’ colony with room for both work and play. The artists’ favourite motifs were the fishermen working on the beaches, the tiny fishermen’s cottages, the landscape and the artists’ social life. Already during their own lifetime the Skagen artists achieved world fame at prominent exhibitions abroad. The most famous Skagen artists are the Danish painters Anna and Michael Ancher and P.S. Krøyer. But also artists such as Holger Drachmann, who was both poet and artist, Viggo Johansen, Carl Locher, Laurits Tuxen and the Nordic artists Christian Krohg and Oscar Björck contributed to putting Skagen on the map. Skagens Museum was founded in 1908. The aim was to collect and preserve some of the Skagen artists’ works in the environment in which they were created, and to make them available for a larger audience. During the following years it became possible through donations and gifts, first and foremost on the part of the artists themselves, to establish an art collection. Today the collection consists of approx. 1800 paintings, sculptures, drawings and graphic works as well as a smaller selection of art ware.

Museum: Skagens museum
City: Skagen
Country: Denmark
Address: Brøndumsvej 4