Timber rafts on the Rhine

For centuries, timber rafts have been the most remarkable, but forgotten, means of transport on the Rhine. In the sixteenth century, this transport started slowly after it was decided in the Dutch province Holland that cities could only be built with stones. The demand for (long) piles to strengthen the fundaments of the houses in … Read more » “Timber rafts on the Rhine”

The Forgotten WismarTribunal

The official inauguration of the Royal-Swedish Tribunal in Wismar on 17 May 1653 was a festive occasion. The Wismar Tribunal (Wismarer Tribunal) was the highest court of appeal of the Swedish territories on German soil.  The Swedish Crown acquired West Pommern (VorPommern) and other territories, (including the cities Stettin, Stralsund, Greifswald, the bishopries of Bremen-Verden and Hamburg and the … Read more » “The Forgotten WismarTribunal”


Newspapers around the world printed pictures of Indian tribes in the Amazon jungle in 2015. The discovery of new tribes in South-America was also hot news in Europe. The fate of these Indian tribes is uncertain. Contact with ‘civilization’ could mean the end. They are threatened minorities, not known and not beloved. Many Europeans are not aware … Read more » “Europeada”

Nine Eleven is a Day of European Shame

On 9 and 10 November 1938, The ‘Reichskristallnacht’, the Night of Broken Glass, was the outburst of 5 years of indoctrination, violence and propaganda. It was another violent step to the Holocaust, elimination of handicaped peoplr, priests and other unwanted individuals and groups. The ‘enemy’ was the cement of the dictatorship and the Jewish people … Read more » “Nine Eleven is a Day of European Shame”

The Shaping of Europe

The Roman Empire had established itself as the dominant power in the Mediterranean by the 1st century BC. Its appetite for further expansion was checked under the Emperors Augustus, Tiberius and Hadrianus (1st century BC to 2sd century AD). Traian (98-117 AD) was the last emperor who focussed on large territorial expansion. Large barbarian alliances … Read more » “The Shaping of Europe”