Catalan Map (1375), Europe. National Library, Paris. Photo: Wikipedia

The European Spectator was founded in 2008. The European Spectator analyses, informs and writes about history, art, exhibitions, stories and European integration, cultural interdependence and political cooperation. The focus is on the Netherlands and projects and the relationship with Switzerland.


The Odeuropa Project

The Odeuropa project focuses on the key scents, fragrant spaces, and olfactory practices that have shaped the cultures of Europe. The project bundles academic expertise from across many disciplines with further expertise from cultural heritage institutes, heritage organisations, policy makers, and the creative and fragrance industries. The historical scent data will be curated and published … Read more » “The Odeuropa Project”


A French Immigrant in New York

The most American of Americans, Liberty, was herself an immigrant from France. Parisians, watching the statue’s construction in the city in the 1880’s, proclaimed it was the eighth marvel of the world, even bigger than the colossus of Rhodus. The statue was an initiative of a group of French intellectuals, protesting what they saw as … Read more » “A French Immigrant in New York”


A Gallic Warrior and Romanisation

The Roman Conquest of Gaul, a territory that today compromises the whole of France and parts of Switzerland, Germany and the Low Countries, was written down by Julius Caesar in de bello gallico. Despite his claim to have conquered Gaul already by 52 B.C., fighting certainly continued well into Augustus’ imperial reign. Even afterwards major … Read more » “A Gallic Warrior and Romanisation”


Goddesses of Art Nouveau

The museum is compiling an exhibition about the international art nouveau movement. Key features of this style, which held sway throughout Europe from 1890 to 1910, are flowing lines and floral motifs. Another characteristic is the frequent depiction of females. Many of them are divine figures taken from classical antiquity, Byzantine icons, medieval legends and … Read more » “Goddesses of Art Nouveau”

Churchill´s Europe

America’s National Churchill Museum

America’s National Churchill Museum is located on the campus of Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. The museum is the site where Winston Churchill gave his famous Iron Curtain speech on 5 March 1946. This speech actually marked the beginning of the Cold War. A short summary of the speech and its most famous phrase reads … Read more » “America’s National Churchill Museum”

European Affairs

History Will Judge

A thousand years ago, Europe as we know it today did not exist. Thirty million people living between the Ural and the British isles, between Scandinavia and Greece had no reason to think of themselves as a single culture or people. The Roman empire had left only half of the continent with roads, theaters, Latin, … Read more » “History Will Judge”


Although the Romans claimed to be conservative, it was their open mind to other cultures that seems to have empowered their ability to conquer. In this view, Roman imperialism was not only political and military in nature, but also cultural in the sense that they used conquered cultures to shape their own culture and identity. … Read more » “Roman Imperialism”


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