Four Castles in La Drome

Four castles in the La Drôme region deserve special attention. The Grignan castle (château of Grignan) is a witness of the French Renaissance architecture and classicism. A fortified castle mentioned as early as the 11th century, was transformed during the Renaissance into a prestigious “pleasure residence” by the Adhémar family. In the 17th century, the Marchioness of Sévigné and her daughter Françoise-Marguerite’s lived in the castle. The castle was dismantled at the Revolution and rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century. The medieval fortress of Suze-la-Rousse is a military construction protected by towers and walls. It was transformed in the 16th and in the 18th century into a great residence. To the austere exterior defences which strongly dominate the fortified village, are opposed the Renaissance façades of the grand courtyard, as well as the interior richness of the paintings, stuccos and decorative plasterwork of the drawing rooms. The Adhémar castle (château de Adhémar) was founded by the Adhémar family in the 10th century. It bears the name of a prestigious lineage both in Provence and Dauphiné whose members were feudal lords of Montélimar for several centuries. The site is composed of a seigniorial abode, a Romanesque chapel, a square tower and fortified walls topped with a rampart walk. With the passing centuries, the buildings have known numerous functions: palace, citadel, prison, public cultural place. The castle houses a museum of contemporary art as well. The Tower of Crest (La Tour de Crest) at the gateway to the Vercors is the highest Donjin in France.

Museum: Four Castles in La Drome
City: Grignan
Country: France