The museums are arranged in alphabetical order of their location.

Couven Museum

The museum, housed in “Haus Monheim”,  presents upper middle class domestic culture and interior home decor of different  styles ranging from Rococo through the early Classicism of the Louis-Seize period and the Napoleonic Empire style to Biedermeier.  

Newspaper Museum

The museum (Internationales Zeitungsmuseum) illuminates the work of newspapers, news agencies and journalists and provides an insight into the filtration processes a piece of news goes through. The main theme here is how the transmission of news has changed from the Stone Age to the present day. The emergence and development of mass communication and … Read more » “Newspaper Museum”

Limes Museum

In the Museum, located on what was formerly the largest Roman fort north of the Alps, the history of the Raetic and Upper German provinces, as well as military and civilian life in and around the fort is well described. Among the numerous exhibits are items found during excavations in Aalen and at the fort … Read more » “Limes Museum”

Wasseralfingen Museum

The museum shows religious art by Sieger Köder (1925 – 2015), including the art road of 2,5 km in the city and medieval, modern and contemporary art.    

Agathenburg Castle

The museum in the castle (Schloss Agathenburg, 1655, completely restored in 2011) shows the rise and fall of the Von Königsmarck family, objects and documents from the Baroque period. The garden of the castle is actually a sculpture park.  

Fritz Winter House

Das Museum (Fritz Winter Haus) shows works by Fritz Winter (1905-1976) and organizes four exhibitions annually, with a focus on contemporay sculpture, painting and graphic art.  

Stadtmuseum Ahlen

The museum (Ahlener Heimatmuseum) presents the history of the town. Wilhelmstraße 12