The museums are arranged in alphabetical order of their location.

Le Mont Saint-Michel

It was at the request of the Archangel Michel « chief of the celestial militia » that Aubert, Bishop of Avranches built and consecrated a small church on the 16th October 709. In 966 a community of Benedictines settled on the rock at the request of the Duke of Normandy and the pre-Romanesque church was built before … Read more » “Le Mont Saint-Michel”

Du Champ du Bataille Castle

The castle has a Roman grandeur with a sumptuous interior and gives a good idea of the 18th century life-style of the French aristocracy.

Roman Museum Gisacum

The exhibition shows the history of the ancient Roman town Gisacum. In a secluded atmosphere, the presentation covers the major stages in the history of this key location and its vital role in the history of Eure, from its origins to the time when it was rediscovered. A large number of illustrations and objects found during … Read more » “Roman Museum Gisacum”

The Gallery of Louvre-Lens

The Louvre-Lens will not have a collection of its own but it will loan objects for varying lengths of time. The presentation of the artworks at the Lens museum will be based on two founding principles:the collections will be presented in cross-disciplinary exhibitions that break down the usual boundaries between techniques, schools, or departments and … Read more » “The Gallery of Louvre-Lens”


Located at the heart of the Alpilles (Provence),  the town of Les Baux-de-Provence offers an exceptional panorama. It is also a  major regional memorial site with an international reputation and  it boasts an exceptional historical and architectural heritage with 22 listed monuments, including the Château des Baux and a museum.

The Roman museum

The museum (musée gallo-romain) shows the Roman history of Juliobona, nowadays Lillebonne. The city was the capital of the Calètes, a Celtic tribe in what is now the region of Caux (Pays de Caux). It was an important Roman town and the exhibition shows the romanization, the theatre, bath complexes, religious buildings and many objects … Read more » “The Roman museum”

The Museum of Fine Arts Lons

The Museum (Musée des Beaux-Arts) shows a collection of sculptures and a collection of paintings. The paintings represent masterpieces representing from Nordic, Italian and French schools. The museum possesses over 600 sculptures, focusing on works from the 19th century.