The museums are arranged in alphabetical order of their location.

Frejus Cloister and Cathedral

The cloister belongs to a set of buildings which were built between the 5th and 14th centuries on the site of a Roman city founded by Julius Caesar in 49 BC. The cathedral church of Saint Leontius has two naves side by side. It includes stalls and a reredos from the 15th century. The baptistery … Read more » “Frejus Cloister and Cathedral”

Gaillon castle

The castle is one of the prime Renaissance castles in France. The museum displays many objects from  the Renaissance  and the interior of the castle.  

Germolles Castle

The castle is the only well preserved country estate of the Dukes of Burgundy. It was bought in 1380 by Philip the Bold for his wife Margaret of Flanders, who transformed in into a luxurious home with the help of the most reknown artists, such as Claus Sluter and Jean de Beaumetz. The hamlet adjoining … Read more » “Germolles Castle”

Musee des Impressionnismes

In september 2006, The Terra Fondation for the Arts decided to withdraw from the musée d’Art Américain de Giverny it had created fifteen years ago. In partnership with le musée d’Orsay, fondation Claude Monet and musée Marmottan, the museum started out again as Musée des Impressionnismes (Museum of Impressionisms) at Giverny. As its name has … Read more » “Musee des Impressionnismes”

Roman Archaeological site Grand

The museum includes the amphitheatre and mosaics, which are among the most impressive remains of the Roman Empire. The amphitheater could receive around 17,000 spectators. The Grand city wall and waterworks can still be seen and were subjected to various archaeological digs.    

Roman Archaeological Site Grand

The name of Grand originates from the God Apollo Grannus, who was worshipped in this Gallo-Roman town. Grand  was situated on one of the major Roman roads in Gallia, from Lugdunum (Lyon), via Tullum (Toul) and Mettis (Metz), to Treverorum (Trier, Germany). Ancient Grand was a busy place. The semi-circular amphitheater with about 17.000 seats, … Read more » “Roman Archaeological Site Grand”

Baron Martin Museum

The vast collections of the museum (musée Baron Martin) include decorative art objects, painted and sculptured masterpieces from late medieval times to the early 20th century. The major gallery hosts each year several special exhibitions by 20th-century artists. The medieval vaults present local archaeological findings and series of Greek vases dating back to the 4th … Read more » “Baron Martin Museum”