The museums are arranged in alphabetical order of their location.


Exhibitions on great themes of cultural history, often with spectacular archeological finds and the latest research results, together with contemporary art and photography, are the main features of the Martin-Gropius-Bau prgramme. The work of great artists of the past alternates with current output. Museums from all parts of the world send their greatest treasures to … Read more » “Martin-Gropius-Bau”

Schloss Charlottenburg

Charlotenburg Palace is the largest and most important Hohenzollern Palace in Berlin. The magnificent complex is surrounded by a unique baroque garden, that merges into a landscaped park. The castle now serves for the finest examples and exhibbitions of art, culture and architecture an d presents Bunique and lively journies through cultural and art history.

New National Gallery

The New National Gallery (Neue Nationalgalerie) was opened in 1968 as the counterpart to the Nationalgalerie located on the Museumsinsel Berlin (Museums Island Berlin) in the eastern part of the city. As part of the Reunification, a collection of 20th century art is now located in the spectacular building by Mies van der Rohe.Insofar as … Read more » “New National Gallery”


The museum opened in 1950 by acquiring works by sculptors from the first of the 20th century, including Ernst Barlach, Rudolf Belling, Hermann Blumenthal. August Gaul, Hermann Haller, Max Klinger, Emy Roeder, Renée Sintenis, amongst the others. The museum concentrates on purchasing and recasting earlier pieces to put together a representative selection. Today the museum … Read more » “Kolbe-Museum”

Jewish Museum Berlin

The Jewish Museum Berlin opened in September 2001. The idea to establish a Jewish Museum was voiced in 1971, the year in which Berlin’s Jewish community commemorated its 300th anniversary. The Jewish Museum Berlin is one of Germany’s most visited museums. Offering guided tours, temporary exhibitions, and a diverse calendar of events including scientific symposia, … Read more » “Jewish Museum Berlin”

Museum of Decorative Arts

The museum of Decorative Arts (Kunstgewerbemuseum)collects works of skilled craftsmanship ranging from post-antiquity to the present. It encompasses all the styles and periods in art history and includes silks and costumes, tapestries, decorative wainscots and furniture, vessels made of glass, enamel and porcelain, works in silver and gold as well as contemporary crafts and design … Read more » “Museum of Decorative Arts”

The New Synagoge Berlin

Taking up the tradition of the New Synagogue, The New Synagogue Berlin (Neue Synagoge Berlin) and the Centrum Judaicum sees itself as a link connecting the past and the future. It seeks to recall the achievements of the Jewish people and preserve the memory of the Jews who were murdered. Relevant documents are archived, evaluated, … Read more » “The New Synagoge Berlin”