Roman Archaeological Site Grand

The name of Grand originates from the God Apollo Grannus, who was worshipped in this Gallo-Roman town. Grand  was situated on one of the major Roman roads in Gallia, from Lugdunum (Lyon), via Tullum (Toul) and Mettis (Metz), to Treverorum (Trier, Germany). Ancient Grand was a busy place. The semi-circular amphitheater with about 17.000 seats, a basilica equipped with a large mosaic of 225 m2, a town wall with originally 17 towers and only a few gates, several bath buildings, the temple of Apollo Grannus and its porticus (colonnade) point to a city of around 5 000 – 10 000 people. The importance of Grand as a religious center is underlined by the testimonies of ancient authors.

Museum: Roman Archaeological Site Grand
City: Grand
Country: France
Address: 4, rue de la mosaïque