Musee des Impressionnismes

In september 2006, The Terra Fondation for the Arts decided to withdraw from the musée d’Art Américain de Giverny it had created fifteen years ago. In partnership with le musée d’Orsay, fondation Claude Monet and musée Marmottan, the museum started out again as Musée des Impressionnismes (Museum of Impressionisms) at Giverny. As its name has it the Museum of Impressionisms Giverny focuses on all the different forms of Impressionism, one of the most popular painting movement. Its origins, its geographical diversity, its history and development in other streams, are the themes the museum deals with. Because Giverny is not only an essentiel stop on an impressionist route in the Seine Valley, it is also a crucial landmark in the turn from Impressionism to the art of the 20th century.

Museum: Musee des Impressionnismes
City: Giverny
Country: France
Address: 99, rue Claude Monet