A French Immigrant in New York

The most American of Americans, Liberty, was herself an immigrant from France. Parisians, watching the statue’s construction in the city in the 1880’s, proclaimed it was the eighth marvel of the world, even bigger than the colossus of Rhodus. The statue was an initiative of a group of French intellectuals, protesting what they saw as … Read more » “A French Immigrant in New York”

Ond Hundred Years of Future in 1910

The Exposition des Arts Décoratiefs Modernes, held in Paris in 1925, after the First World War, set the seal on what was by this time the widespread international diffusion of the futurists who, interpreting the theories of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (1876-1944) had already carried out a genuine ideological and artistic revolution in the previous decade, … Read more » “Ond Hundred Years of Future in 1910”

Living History Forum

The Living History Forum is a new, unusual and unorthodox Swedish public authority in Stockholm with issues on tolerance, democracy and human rights from both a national and international perspective. The Holocaust, crimes of communist regimes and other crimes against humanity are being dealt with. European citizens have to know the past to understand the (European) present … Read more » “Living History Forum”

Animal Farm and the Stock Market

Newspapers and broadcasters often use the terms bulls and bears when they report on the stock market. Bulls are investors who make money when prices of stocks go up, and bears make money when the prices go down. The bulls and bears at the Stock Exchange in New York symbolize the ups and downs. Stock market … Read more » “Animal Farm and the Stock Market”

Time Heals all Wounds

Martin Luther, born in Eisleben in1483, the sun of a copper miner, entered the monastery of St. Augustine at Erfurt on 17 July 1505, being confessed as Augustian priest on 3 April 1507 and celebrating his first mass on 2 may 1507. This was the time of the advance of renaissance attitudes and values in … Read more » “Time Heals all Wounds”