Bautzen ( Budyšin), capital of Oberlausitz, centre of Sorb culture, administration and language. Photo: TES.

Newspapers around the world printed pictures of Indian tribes in the Amazon jungle in 2015. The discovery of new tribes in South-America was also hot news in Europe. The fate of these Indian tribes is uncertain. Contact with ‘civilization’ could mean the end. They are threatened minorities, not known and not beloved.

Many Europeans are not aware of the existence of Sorbs, Aromanians, Retoromans, Samis, Frisian, Ruthenians, Occitans and many other European peoples. European and international treaties contain important and relevant terms to quarantee the interests of minorities.

The Europeada draws attention to local and regional languages, minorities and cultures in Europe. The desperate use of bows and arrows against airplanes by indigenous Indian people against ‘civilization’ is of another order, but the recent past and  (violent) European topicallity learns that the situation is far from stable yet. There is no reason to put Amazon Indians into a ridicule perspective.