The Google Cultural Institute

The History of the Eiffel Tower. Google Cultural Institute

It seemed science fiction a while ago, but it is reality nowadays. Algorithms have understanding of culture.

The Google Cultural Institute managed to present the cultural heritage of the world by algorithms. The main office of the Institute is located in the centre of Paris, close to l´Opéra.

The real office is the internet however. The Institute presents more than one thousand museums and other cultural institutes, all together six million works of art.

A visitor can enter the Palace of Versailles, museums in Chicago, Paris, Wien or Indonesia and watch the most detailled views of buildings, paintings, sculpture and other works of art.

It is a kind of cultural revolution. Many people won´t or can´t go to museums or other cultural hotspots, someone in Indonesia can now admire works of art in Madrid, New York or Buenos Aires.

Although this Institute will never replace a real visit to a museum, it opens the doors for many millions.

Google deserves the (imaginery) Nobel Prize of Arts (Further information: .