The museum opened in 1950 by acquiring works by sculptors from the first of the 20th century, including Ernst Barlach, Rudolf Belling, Hermann Blumenthal. August Gaul, Hermann Haller, Max Klinger, Emy Roeder, Renée Sintenis, amongst the others. The museum concentrates on purchasing and recasting earlier pieces to put together a representative selection. Today the museum owns around 200 sculptures by Georg Kolbe, not counting the plaster models. Then there are over 1000 drawings by the sculptor, and paintings and drawings by others including Liebermann, Corinth, Schmidt-Rotluff, Kirchner and Pechtein. In addition to Kolbe’s writings, the museum also looks after items left by Richard Scheibe, Renée Sintenis, Ernesto De Fiori, Hugo Lederer and Hermann Blumenthal. It also holds a photographic archive and a library on sculpture. Building on this foundation, the museum has recently been developing into a center for international sculpture of the 20h century. Sensburger Allee 25

Museum: Kolbe-Museum
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Address: Sensburger Allee 25
Website: http://www.georg-kolbe-museum.de