History of Court Proceedings

The omnipresent principles governing ancient, ‘immemorial’ possesion should be viewed as expressions of a prevailing stability and permanence of the social, economic and political structures and hence foundations of the legal system. A. Wijffels, History in Court, Leiden 2001, p. 17.

European Community

There still remained, transcending all the disagreements, a European civilty. Certainly, its civil wars had been divisive and disastrous. They had nevertheless bequeathed to a basically society that most vitalizing of legacies: a diversity of cultures and faiths. J.H. Elliot, Europe Divided 1559-1598, Oxford, 2000.

The Living History Forum

Nazism and communism can both be described as extreme hybrid forms of nationalist and socialist/communist systems of ideas. Nazism is an abbreviated form of national socialism, while the Stalinist form of communism has been described as national bolshevism. K. Karlsson, Crimes against Humanity (Stockholm 2008)

The Origins of European Government

People were talking in assemblies and learning how to argue. A new sort of convocation lurked, one less easy for rulers to exploit. Its novelty lay not in who as in what it did. It was the elite expression of the state. Th. Bisson, ‘he Crisis of the Twelfth Century. Power, Lordship and the Origins … Read more » “The Origins of European Government”

History and Art

If we are to create historical art, it is not enough to look back on history; we must be able to live history, to take part in public life. Jacob Burckhardt at the occasion of the art exhibition in Berlin in 1842.