Bodobrica on the Rhine

The medieval Dancing Hall (Tanzhaus). Photo: Wikipedia.

The Upper Middle Rhine valley (a UNESCO World Heritage area)  was occupied by Celtic tribes who gave the name Baudobriga to the settlement known today as Boppard in Germany. The region came under Roman control as a result of the military campaigns of Caesar around 50 BC. The Romans called the settlement Bodobrica. The ruins of the Roman presence are still visible everywhere in the town.  The walls of the fortress are the best preserved in Germany and still surround the current town centre. Other rulers left their traces as well. The Burgundian, Merovingian, Carolingian and Holy Roman emperors succeeded each other and their buildings are witnesses of the rich history of Boppard. The medieval elector’s castle, (late) medieval houses, (Romanesque) churches and priories in the town and surrounding valley  put the Loreley and its tales into perspective. (Source and further information: