A Romantic Bavarian Road

Starting in Würzburg (watched over by the Marienberg fortress and the Baroque Prince Bishops residence by Balthasar Neumann) and ending in Flüssen (2000 years of history and art), the Bavarian Romantic Road´s long distance walking trail covers a distance of almost 500 kilometers. The Road opens up a wealth of European history, art and culture. … Read more » “A Romantic Bavarian Road”

The Fuggerei in Augsburg

Statue of Jakob Fugger, The Fuggerei, Augsburg. Photo: TES.

The Fuggerei in Augsburg (Germany/Bayern) is one of the oldest social settlements in the world. It was founded and financed by the banker Jakob Fugger (1459-1525) for needy and poor citizens in 1521. The Fuggerei is inhabited by 150 persons in 140 apartments in 67 buildings nowadays and is still a social settlement, financed through an … Read more » “The Fuggerei in Augsburg”

Reformation and Renaissance

Renaissance and Reformation, Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Photo: www.rothenburg.de

The turmoils and the ideas of reformation emerged early among inhabitants of Rothenburg and the Tauber valley in the south of Gemany. The aftermath of the Peasants’ War in 1525 delayed the introduction of Martin Luther’s doctrine till 1544, but the intensity of the Reformation was very strong afterwards. Influential iconoclasts, such as Andreas Karlstadt, … Read more » “Reformation and Renaissance”

A Hidden Treasure of the Avant Garde

Photograph by Pierre Legrain (1889 - 1929), hôtel particulier, 1929. Source: Wikipedia.

It doesn´t happen often, but the results are often fascinating when it occurs. The art collector Jacques Doucet (1853–1929) had an extraordinary collection of books, sculpture, paintings and furniture from the eighteenth century. This changed at the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century however. He had inherited from his family and earned … Read more » “A Hidden Treasure of the Avant Garde”

The Google Cultural Institute

The History of the Eiffel Tower. Google Cultural Institute

It seemed science fiction a while ago, but it is reality nowadays. Algorithms have understanding of culture. The Google Cultural Institute managed to present the cultural heritage of the world by algorithms. The main office of the Institute is located in the centre of Paris, close to l´Opéra. The real office is the internet however. … Read more » “The Google Cultural Institute”