The Google Cultural Institute

The History of the Eiffel Tower. Google Cultural Institute

It seemed science fiction a while ago, but it is reality nowadays. Algorithms have understanding of culture. The Google Cultural Institute managed to present the cultural heritage of the world by algorithms. The main office of the Institute is located in the centre of Paris, close to l´Opéra. The real office is the internet however. … Read more » “The Google Cultural Institute”

The Winckelmann Society Commemorates

Johann Winckelmann (1719-1768), Monumenti antichi inediti,1767. Photo: M.A.X. Museo Chiasso

The Winckelmann Society (Winckelmann-Gesellschaft) will host and (co) organize a series of events at the occasion of the 300th birthday of Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717-1768). The society supports research on life, oeuvre and influence of Winckelmann in order to bring together the scholarly disciplines of classical archaeology, art history and philology, facilitating the understanding of … Read more » “The Winckelmann Society Commemorates”


This year marks the beginning of one of the most important European events: the Reformation. Martin Luther launched his reform by the publication of his 95 demands in 1517, but he never foresaw the far reaching (international) religious, social en political consequences. The Reformation is commemorated all over Europe, but one interesting perspective is highlighted … Read more » “Luthermania”

The Great Calvary in Cologne

One of the fascinating aspects of art and history is the unification of dispersed pieces of art, that once formed a single artefact. The relief of Ghent, designed by Hubert van Eyck (1366–1426) and finished by his brother Jan van Eyck (1390-1441) in 1432 endured the fate of history: almost destroyed by fire and iconoclast … Read more » “The Great Calvary in Cologne”

The Bridge at Remagen

The bridge at Remagen, built during World War I from 1916 to 1918 in order to supply German troops at the Western Front and named after Army Quarter Master General Erich Ludendorff, was scarcely used afterwards, but became world famous when American soldiers took the bridge by surprise on 7 March 1945. The Memorial to … Read more » “The Bridge at Remagen”