St. Pieters Abbey

St Peter’s Abbey (Sint Pieters Abdij) is one of Ghent’s most important historic monuments, boasting its own vineyard, cloisters and magnificent ruins. Now a cultural institute, it hosts exhibitions throughout the year and has introduced an interactive movie guide to enhance visits. The venue retains a wealth of architectural features including Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements. Dominated by the imposing abbey church which was begun in 1629 in pure Baroque style, the church’s design is attributed to Pieter Huyssens. Visitors can enjoy the tranquil garden and vineyard, ruins, cloisters and the permanent exhibition – Between Heaven and Earth – about the abbey’s history. The museum has also introduced the use of a movie guide and visitors follow the adventures of the fictional monk Alison, taking them on a journey through the secret room and passageways of the abbey.

Museum: St. Pieters Abbey
City: Ghent
Country: Belgium
Address: 9 Sint-Pietersplein