Shetland Museum and Archives

The galleries integrate Shetland’s museum and archives collections for the first time to tell Shetland’s story in the most complete and accessible way. In the lower gallery you will discover Shetland’s journey from its geological beginnings to circa 1800, finishing in the dramatic Boat Hall which spans both floors. Once upstairs take time to admire the boats from the viewing balcony before entering the upper gallery to discover Shetland from circa 1800 to the present day. The Museum collections relate to all aspects of the islands’ history. We collect objects relevant to the islands only. These are usually things used here, often made here too. Other things belonged to Shetlanders, or to emigrants from the islands who lived elsewhere. Some objects are unique to Shetland. Other things are mass-produced that you’d see anywhere else, but are important to us because of the specifically Shetland tale they have to tell.

Museum: Shetland Museum and Archives
City: Lerwick-Shetland
Country: United Kingdom
Address: Hay's Dock,