Museum Modern and Contemporary Art

The museum’s collection include works representing the major artistic movements of the twentieth century. Works are linked by a chronological and thematic circuit which illustrates French and other European art movements from the beginning of the twentieth century when Fauvist, Cubist, Post-Cubist and Orphic groupings were formed as well as Surrealist groups. The School of Paris is another unique area characterized here by unusual figures and a more expressive lines. The contemporary tour, starting with the 1960s, gives pride of place to the movements belonging to New Realism (Arman, César, Deschamps, Hains, Klein, Raysse, Villeglé), Fluxus (Ben, Brecht, Dietman, Filliou, Roth) and kindred artists (Broodthaers, Boltanski, Feldmann, Messager), then by Narrative Figuration (Cueco, Err?, Fromanger, Monory, Rancillac, Schlosser, Stämpfli). This is followed by different types of abstract art from the late 1950s to the 1990s and a number of autonomous creative experiments in painting: Barré, Buren, Hantaï, Mosset, Nemours, Soulages, Toroni, and Support-Surface with Buraglio, Dezeuze and Viallat. A group of works by Anselmo, Paolini, Fabro, Merz, and Penone represent the Arte Povera movement. Finally, the exhibits seek to explore the very latest trends through works demonstrating artists’ desire to experiment with new materials and techniques and subvert the codes of representation while avoiding being pigeonholed under any precise definition. This covers all choices of medium, be it photography, video or a return to painting and sculpture since the 1980s, in France and in Europe. The museum also organizes exhibitions dedicated to overviews of important artistic movements or to their figureheads.

Museum: Museum Modern and Contemporary Art
City: Paris
Country: France
Address: Avenue de Président Wilson 11