Center for Old Arts

The Centre for Old Arts ‘t Vliegend Peert is a research institute focussing on the pictural art in the Southern Netherlands between 1500 and 1650, with special attention to satirical-moralising themes. It is no coincidence that these painters and their satirical themes have been selected. ‘t Vliegend Peert, the historical house in which the institute is located, was the center of the production of these paintings and graphic art during the sixteenth century. Masters like Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel are extremely important, but also less famous painters as Jan and Frans Verbeeck, Jan Mandyn, Jan Massys, etc… belong to the core of the research. One of the main objectives of the Center for Old Arts ‘t Vliegend Peert is showing the results of this research to a greater audience. The premises are situated in one of the medieval main streets of Mechelen, close to the old city center. The foundations refer to a first building around 1350.

Museum: Center for Old Arts
City: Sint Niklaas
Country: Belgium
Address: Sint Katelijnestraat 22