Remember Hole One

Golfbaan Amsteldijk. Monument.

During construction work on Golf Centre Amsteldijk in the Bovenkerkerpolder near Amstelveen, a British aircraft wreckage from the Second World War was found.

It is a Handley-Page Halifax MKIII. On 16 June 1944, almost 300 bombers flew from Full Sutton airfield near Yorkshire to Sterkrade near Bicholt in Germany to bomb the Fisher Tropsch synthetic oil factory.

Seven Halifax planes were shot down. The NA508 crashed on this spot, Hole 1. The crew consisted of seven persons. Three crew members were recovered in 1944 and in 1953.

The four others were buried in Bergen op Zoom in July 1990.

The crew consisted of: Robert Blair (22 years), Herbert Moor (31 years), Lancelot Pratt (27 years), Gordon Amstrong (21 years), John O’Meara (32 years), Dennis Tustin (21 years) and John Date (20 years).

They fell from the sky so that we can hit the balls in freedom.

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