The House of Habsburg and the First World War

Charles I of Habsburg (1887-1922), the last Emperor. Photograph:

An innovative online exhibition will provide an understanding of the path into the First World War, the end of the Habsburg Empire and life of the people on all the fronts. The site shows over 1000 illustrations together with sound and film material. This includes not only source material from a variety of archives but also a large number of memorabilia from private individuals. This part of the virtual exhibition casts light on the fates of many individuals.

The platform provides a number of access levels: the media library presents visitors with a variety of pictorial material by means of which they can reach the linked texts, persons, places and events. Alternatively, the developments of the war years can be followed geographically on the map and chronologically on a time line display. A particularly innovative navigation approach is the time image: Depending on where the visitor is in terms of topic, place or time, different objects, symbols or persons are displayed that invite the visitor to begin further voyages of discovery through history.

There are around 70 topic areas to be investigated – from the nationalities of the Danube Monarchy through the various war fronts to the propaganda film and children’s literature in the First World War. The information architecture relates the topics to each other and links them with persons, places and objects.

The end of the Danube Monarchy and the First World War are inseparably linked. This site preserves the heritage of the Habsburgs and report about the end of the dynasty and its role in the world war. (Source: