House of Austrian History

The House of Austrian History (Museum für Zeitgeschichte) opened its doors 100 years after the Republic was founded on November 12, 1918.

The museum presents, examines and discusses Austria’s history, starting with the founding of the republic in 1918. The location of the museum is historical relevant as well.

The last long serving emperor Franz Joseph (1830-1916), emperor from 1848, made a true imperial capital of Vienna and the Heldenplatz is the centre of it. Adolf Hitler announced the ´Anschluss´ of Austria with his ill fated Reich in 1938, after the republic had faced economic decline and political turmoil since 1918 and after 1933 in particular.

Austria was occupied until 1955 by the Sovjet-Union as an accomplice of Germany after March 1938 and is struggling with this dark past ever since.

The museum could be a helpful medium and tool indeed. (Further information: