Montivilliers Abbey

The former Monasterii Villare, which gave its name to the town Montivilliers, is amongst the greatest monastery establishments of the 7th century in the lower valley of the Seine.It was there that Saint Philibert, founder of Jumièges, created a women’s monastery in 684 later destroyed by the Vikings and only rebuilt at the beginning of the 11th century.
Throughout the Middle Ages the abbey (Abbaye de Montivilliers) enjoyed considerable prestige. Monastery life ended here in 1792. It took nearly 200 years to set up a project to restore the site to its original splendour open to the public as a major centre in the Normand monastic Normandy.


Museum: Montivilliers Abbey
City: Montivilliers
Country: France
Address: Jardin de l’Abbaye