Fontenay Abbey and Museum

The Lapidary Museum  displays a high quality selection of sculptures from the Middle Age, from Fontenay or other Abbeys, mainly in Burgundy. This collection was formed in the early 20th century by Édouard Aynard, the art lover who restored Fontenay. 
The museum also displays some documents on the history of the Abbey ; a video is projected on the upper floor.
Fontenay Abbey in Burgundy was founded in 1118 and is the oldest preserved Cistercian abbey. It was declared World Heritage in 1981. After the French revolution  it was converted to an industrial use which preserved all buildings from the Romanesque period: the Abbey Church, the Dormitory, Cloister, Chapter Room, the Common Room, and the Forge. The Abbey is decorated with a landscaped park.

Museum: Fontenay Abbey and Museum
City: Montbard
Country: France
Address: Abbaye Fontenay