Ephraim Palace

The Ephraim Palais was the rococo residential home of the wealthy banker and coin merchant Veitel Heine Ephraim. Located in the Nikolaiviertel, it was built between 1762-65 by Friedrich Wilhelm Diterichs on the corner of Molkenmarkt, formerly a central square. It was regarded as the “most beautiful corner in Berlin” and is amongst the most impressive bourgeois residences in the city. What we see today is a replica of the original building which was torn down in 1936 when Mühlendamm was widened. The palace was completely restored in preparation for the 750th anniversary festivities of Berlin, in 1987, under architect Franz Klinger who tried to remain as faithful to the original as possible. The building is today only twelve metres away from its original location. The house can be visited as a museum and is a venue for art and cultural history exhibitions.

Museum: Ephraim Palace
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Address: Poststraße, Ecke Mühlendamm
Website: http://www.stadtmuseum.de