Allard Pierson Museum

The Museum brings the ancient civilizations of Egypt, the Near East, the Greek world, Etruria and the Roman empire back to life. Original works of art and everyday objects from the period 4000 BC-500 AD provide a fascinating picture of daily life, mythology and religion in the ancient world.

The period of the ancient Egyptians is followed from 4000 BC until 500 AD and the merge of the Coptic culture. The Greek world is exhibited by the influences from the Near East via the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations to the city states and the colonization of Italy, the Black Sea and Minor Asia and the legacy of Alexander the Great.

The Roman Republic and Empire is put into the perspective of the influences on European architecture, art and thought, just as Europe and the world owes much to the ancient Greek society in the field of political organization, literature and philosophy.

Their legacy continues to determine our future and decided to a large extent on the European past. Cyprus, the Near East, Etruria and South Italy and Sicily are being delt with in separate departments.


Museum: Allard Pierson Museum
City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
Address: Oude Turfmarkt 127