Willliam the Conqueror Castle

Around the year thousand, the dukes of Normandy built this fortress in Falaise. Built on the model of motte and bailey castles, the fortress is protected by solid ramparts. The castle is the place of birth of the most famous of the Normandy Dukes: William the Conqueror (1027-1087).  Only slight traces of William’s time castle remain and the construction of the oldest of the buildings that form today the fortified place is due to Henri I Beauclerc (1070-1135), the youngest son of William. Having become king of England in 1100, Henry directly draws his inspiration from the Norman stone keeps, built in the English kingdom after the conquest of 1066, to improve the family’s castle of Falaise. The annexation of the duchy by the French crown in 1204  brings an end to the saga of the dukes. The ducal and royal residence, symbol of central political power during centuries is open to the public.

Museum: Willliam the Conqueror Castle
City: Falaise
Country: France
Address: Place Guillaume-le-Conquerant
Website: http://www.chateau-guillaume-leconquerant.fr