Viking Museum Haithabu

The Museum (Wikinger Museum Haithabu), which lies adjacent to the site where Haithabu, todays’ Hedeby, once stood, presents the archaeological finds of over a hundred years of research. The exhibition is housed in five themed rooms, in which various forms of presentation approaches topics or items in ways that are evocative and imaginative as well as informative. The manufacture of everyday items or valuables crafted for export or for the local elite is illuminated; how the material accessories, symbols and tools of power relate to abstract ideas , such as social stratification, language, religious beliefs and death, becomes clearer; Viking interaction beyond the region is highlighted; and the final section of the exhibition illustrates the key role of Viking seamanship in their rise to prominence. The rampart outside forms part of the early medieval earthworks (the Danewerk) stretching across the land route between the Baltic and the North Sea access

Museum: Viking Museum Haithabu
City: Busdorf
Country: Germany
Address: Am Haddebyer Noor 5