The Tower of William

The Dutch royal house actually originates from the Hessian town of Nassau-Dillenburg. It was here that William of Orange (or William the Silent), founder of the House of Orange, was born in 1533. The Tower of William (Wilhemsburg) is dedicated to the history of the House of Orange. The Oranje Route ( also takes you there and on a fascinating journey to 25 German and Dutch towns, passing through holiday regions associated with the House of Orange-Nassau. The picturesque countryside through which the route passes also boasts an abundance of palaces, castles and magnificently landscaped gardens, as well as a whole host of cultural and historical treasures in museums and exhibitions, silent reminders of the wealth of times past that conjure up memories of the House of Orange. This journey of discovery through the history of the House of Orange really has something to suit every taste with a tremendous wealth of art, culture and history. There are also walking and cycling trails.

Museum: The Tower of William
City: Dillenburg
Country: Germany