The Rubens House

This master of the Flemish Baroque Peter Paul Rubens (1568-1640) was not only a leading painter, but also a book illustrator, designer and diplomat with considerable interest in antique literature, architecture and history. From his home base in Antwerp, he set his seal on a flourishing artistic, political and economic climate. Antwerp and Rubens: the high point of this rich past appeals to the imagination in the Rubens House. It is the place where you get closest to the world in which the great Baroque artist lived. Here you will be struck by the elaborate design of the Italian gable and the Baroque porch, which are in sharp contrast to the traditional building style of the 16th century residence. After Rubens purchased the building in 1610, the residence was extended according to his own design. In seventeenth-century Antwerp, some prosperous citizens had accumulated large collections of art. Rubens’s collection was the largest in the city in his time. Rubens’s collection also contained many of the most costly collector’s items and exclusive pieces. The museum includes a visit to the art room. Most of Rubens’s works were created in this studio and this workplace is open to the public as well.

Museum: The Rubens House
City: Antwerp
Country: Belgium
Address: Wapper 9-11