The Pinakothek of Modern Art

The Pinakothek of Modern Art (Pinakothek der Moderne) is one of the world’s greatest collections of modern art, with four major museums presenting art, design, works on paper and architecture under one roof. The architectural museum (Architekturmuseum) comprises ca. 500,000 drawings and plans of approximately 700 architects, over 100,000 original photographs as well as numerous models and documents. The Bavarian State Painting Collections (Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen) consists of the Old Pinakothek ( Alte Pinakothek)), the New Pinakothek, (the Neue Pinakothek), the Collection of Modern Art (Pinakothek der Moderne) and the Collection (Sammlung) Schack. The Graphic Collection (Staatliche Grafische Sammlung) consists of a famous prints, drawings and woodcuts from 1758. The International Design Museum (Die neue Samlung Staatliches Museum für angewandte Kunst) was established around 100 years ago. In 1907 the German Werkbund was founded in Munich. Closely linked with the ideas behind this movement, a „modern collection of exemplary items“ began to be put in place. This became the core of the museum Today, with some 80,000 objects from the fields of industrial design, the applied arts, and graphic design, this state museum boasts, in its permanent collection, the world’s largest design collection and is one of the leading museums dealing with this subject for the 20th and 21st centuries.

Museum: The Pinakothek of Modern Art
City: Munich / München
Country: Germany
Address: Barer Straße 40