The Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig

The Museum of Fine Arts (Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig) owns about 3 500 paintings from the late Middle Ages to the present, 1 000 sculptures and more than 60 000 drawings, graphics, water paintings and photo’s. The Leipzig born painters Max Beckmann and Max Klinger are put in the center of attention on the first floor, while European art of the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries and German and French art (from the School of Barbizon to impressionists) of the nineteenth century are on display in other parts of the museum. A central hall shows large format works by Neo Rauch and other painters of the ‘New Leipzig School’. Cranach the Older and the Cranach the Younger and other Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian and German masters of that time underline the European character of art of that time. The chronology is repeatedly interrupted by contemporary pieces illustrating conscious or unconscious references of today’s artists.

Museum: The Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig
City: Leipzig
Country: Germany
Address: Katharinenstrasse 10