The Herrenhausen Palace Museum

The museum (Museum Schloss Herrenhausen) provides information on the era of Baroque absolutism, on the importance of Hannover around 1700 and beyond. It also looks at the period of personal union with England. From 1714 to 1837 the electorate of Hanover and Great Britain were ruled by kings from Hannover. The 300-year anniversary was celebrated in 2014. The gardens are also featured. The Duchy of Braunschweig (Brunswick)-Lüneburg with Hannover as its centre was elevated to the status of Electorate in 1698. The House of Hannover was given the crown of England in 1714, and Hannover became a kingdom one hundred years later.

Museum: The Herrenhausen Palace Museum
City: Hannover
Country: Germany
Address: Herrenhäuser Straße 4