The German Porcelain Museum

The museum has outstanding pieces on show from the House of Medici, together with early French porcelain and Böttger stoneware from Meissen – pieces that were made before the success story of hard porcelain first really began. The crowned heads of Europe are also represented, with items made especially for Augustus the Strong, for the court of Napoleon Bonaparte and for the last Russian Czar. The impressive style by porcelain from Art Nouveau and from the Roaring Twenties are shown as well, as is the porcelain that found its way into middle-class households after 1945. The museum shows porcelain pieces from the last 300 years from German-speaking countries. The focus is on work from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Museum: The German Porcelain Museum
City: Hohenberg a.d. Eger
Country: Germany
Address: Schindinger Straße 48