The Avranches Scriptorial

The Avranches Scriptorial, home to the manuscripts of Mont Saint-Michel, offers visitors a journey through the history of these documents. The Scriptorial presents the precious manuscripts from the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel, entrusted to the town of Avranches since the French Revolution of 1789. With parchment coloured walls, light filtering through the openings resembling medieval loopholes, a gently sloping design climbs up to the high point of the visit: the Treasure and its manuscripts. The tour begins with an introduction to the history of Avranches, evoking the links which bind the town to Mont-Saint-Michel, the textures of the manuscripts, the materials, the colours of the inks and the shapes used by medieval copyists. Multimedia terminals, objects taken direct from some of the manuscripts and documentary films line the way and offer the chance to explore the subject in more depth in an interactive way.

Museum: The Avranches Scriptorial
City: Avranches
Country: France
Address: Place d’Estouteville