Decorative Arts

The museum is housed on the ground floor of the Rohan Palace, The former residence of the four cardinals of Rohan, bishops and princes of Strasbourg. The cardinals’, apartments constitute two exceptional successions of ceremonial rooms, with the King’s apartments overlooking the River and the prince-bishop’,s apartments looking onto the courtyard. The splendid interior decor has been restored and the apartments have been lavishly furnished with furniture and ceremonial objects dating from both the Cardinals’, times and the French Empire. Famous paintings by masters of the French School match the sumptuous furniture. The collection of decorative arts spans two centuries, from 1681 to 1871, and includes the world-famous collection of Hannong earthenware dishes and porcelain, besides collections of furniture, clocks, ironworks, silverware, and objects made of vermeil. Paintings and sculptures from the Strasbourg School complete the collection.

Museum: Decorative Arts
City: Strasbourg
Country: France
Address: Place du Château 2