Ordrupgaard Art Museum

The Museum’s founder Wilhelm Hansen wanted to spread awareness of French 19th century art in Denmark, and his first purchases were paintings by Pisarro, Monet and Renoir. Hs main focus was on French Impressionism, but with downstrokes into the periods that came immediately before and after the Impressionism. He bought works of Delacroix’s Romanticism, Rousseau’s Barbizon School, Courbet’s Realism, Manet’s Modernism and Gauguin’s Symbolism. He included the Danish Golden Age as well into the collection with works by Købke, Eckerberg, Lundby, Skovgaard, Marstrand as well as Hansen’s own contemporaries. On 14th September 1918 the museum, located in the beautiful Ordrupgaard Park, opened its doors to the public.

Museum: Ordrupgaard Art Museum
City: Charlottenlund
Country: Denmark
Address: Vilvordej 110
Website: http://www.ordrupgaard.dk