Newspaper Museum

The museum (Internationales Zeitungsmuseum) illuminates the work of newspapers, news agencies and journalists and provides an insight into the filtration processes a piece of news goes through. The main theme here is how the transmission of news has changed from the Stone Age to the present day. The emergence and development of mass communication and its historical and social impact are presented in terms of the established key media. A specially printed newspaper provides information on the history of the press, there is a radio feature on the medium of radio, and a TV programme illustrates the history of television. And, of course, this discourse on media for the masses also takes interactive electronic media into full account. Countless historical originals of newspapers round off the presentation. A large-format presentation shows the history of reading, from the oldest surviving clay tablets to newspapers on the mobile phone. Manipulation of images and text and freedom of the press and of the media are also a focus of the exhibition.

Museum: Newspaper Museum
City: Aachen
Country: Germany
Address: Pontstrasse 13