Museum Schnutgen

The magnificence of the Middle Ages is revealed at the Museum Schnütgen. Masterworks from eight centuries reflect the spirituality and religiosity of this multifaceted era as well as people’s lives and daily routine in Cologne at a time when it was one of Europe’s most powerful cities. Among the priceless objects in the collection are works of international importance. These precious works are made of bronze, gold and ivory; they include stone and wood sculpture, detailed manuscripts, textiles, and glass painting. They tell exciting stories, not just about what is depicted, their meaning and their use, but frequently also about their commissioners or their provenance. In those days as well as today, art has always been a key to understanding The world and our existence. Many works of art from an era that is now alien to us have survived and thus form part of our present. The new Museum Schnütgen introduces the visitors to this past, to the medieval attitudes towards life and into a world of timeless, beautiful art.

Museum: Museum Schnutgen
City: Cologne / Köln
Country: Germany
Address: Cäcilienstraße 29-33