Museum Kunstpalast

The Museum exhibits works of European painting from the fifteenth to the beginning of the twentieth century. The collection goes back to the picture gallery of Elector Palatine Johann Wilhelm at the close of the seventeenth century. The art of the twentieth and twenty first centuries is represented with a stock of more than 3000 pictures. The Sculpture Collection comprises over 1300 exhibits in all, from the eleventh to the nineteenth century and from small-scale bronzes to ivories and life-size sculptures of wood and Stone. More than 3 000 years of glass making are displayed in a permanent exhibition of over 3000 works of the finest art. The collection of prints and drawings compromises works from the fifteenth to the present days. Areas of specialization are drawings of the Baroque period, the nineteenth century, Expressionism and photography. The collection of Prints and Drawings comprises works from the fifteenth to the twenty-first century, in all some 80 000 stock of more than 3000 works as well as numerous permanent loans. The art of contemporaries has been a collecting subject ever since the museum’s foundation in 1913.

Museum: Museum Kunstpalast
City: Düsseldorf
Country: Germany
Address: Ehrenhof 4-5